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Baby Care – Small Things That Make Big Difference-2

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Precautions to be taken at the chemist shop

Cross check the medicine given and medicine written on the prescription.

Never accept a substitute

Happens very frequently. Chemist will give you all possible reasons like-it is the same medicine with different name, company has closed, not available any where etc. check 2 or 3 chemist and if still not available call back your doctor and ask for substitute or alternate medicine.

Always insist on bills

Never accept medicine without proper bill. A proper bill with batch number will at least work as deterrent to chemist for giving wrong medicine.

Check the expiry date

Do not accept medicines whose expiry date is very close.

Take full course

Very often it is seen that medicines are not given for full duration prescribed. This habit should be discouraged because insufficient dosage is not able to cure the disease, which may resurface later. Apart from this insufficient dosage is the main reason for development of resistance in which drugs become ineffective. Estimation of full course is easy with tablets and capsules. But in case of syrups and drops single bottle may not be sufficient, so calculate the total dosage required and buy full course.

Chemist is not a doctor

Never take professional advises from chemist. They are always very keen to use there superficial knowledge and try ‘ hit & trial ‘ method. This could prove extremely dangerous. Similarly do not discuss the usefulness and effects of the drugs with the chemist. At the best they will confuse you.

How to make Doctor your friend & get maximum out of him

  • Always take the appointment. It saves your time and also confirms the availability of the doctor.
  • Note down all your queries on a paper. It ensures that you do not forget any important question and do not face embarrassing situation of “something else was to be asked, I can’t recall it”.
  • Do not forget to take previous prescriptions and related health documents along. Keep them in a file in proper sequence. It helps your doctor in quickly referring to previous health status.
  • You may have your beliefs and customs regarding health and disease. Do not hesitate in clarifying from your doctor. It is better to ask a ‘foolish’ question now then make a mistake later.
  • Do not compare health and development of your child with other children. Age of attainment of physical milestones [weight, height etc] or developmental milestones are not fixed. There is always a range of age during which they can be attained. As long as they are to the satisfaction of your doctor there is nothing to worry.
  • As for as possible call doctor only during clinic hours. Avoid calling at residence especially during odd hours, unless really needed. Remember your doctor also needs rest. Use mobile no. only for real emergency.
  • While calling your doctor keep old prescriptions ready for immediate reference. Always keep a “working” pen and a paper ready. Holding on the telephone line and calling ‘ Chhotu’ to search for a pen could be embarrassing for you and irritating for your doctor.
  • While calling doctor do not hold crying baby and keep the volume of T.V. or Music system low. As far as possible do not seek telephonic consultation, because improper advice due to misinterpretation of facts could prove dangerous.
  • Do not ignore the problems and delay consultation especially at the weekends, because on Sundays and holidays your doctor may not be available, and may cause lot of inconvenience to you.