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Now we have now tired
Morris Minor
Lucy Mangan
adopters (Emails, passim), are we able to phone a halt to letters offering “As a…”? They appear virtually every day, the latest example (
, 27 September) getting “As a solicitor exactly who specialises in intimate offences…” Often the self-description holds no reference to the niche under conversation. So, as a 70-year-old granny whom performs the ukulele severely, I’m asking: kindly, you Azzers, desist.

Jan Clark

Everdon, Northamptonshire

On 11 April 2018 your own cricket reporter Ali Martin
forecast that Lancashire CCC
would win the County Championship. Do not do this once again, Mr Martin. This is the hug of demise (
Lancashire down after missing batting point
, 26 Sep).

Liz Newell

Sudbury, Suffolk

Obviously Donald Trump is outraged that the leaders of Iran “sow disorder, demise and damage” in the centre East (
The world’s derision halts Trump UN message
, 26 Sep). That Is



Alan Stephens


“The Russians are playing chess, additionally the People in america are playing poker.” It isn’t recorded which mentioned it initially, it looks appropriate at this time.

Dr Valerie Stewart

Charlbury, Oxfordshire

I have found it disappointing our towns and towns and cities can help countless processed foods stores (
Research locates link between unhealthy foods diet and depression
, 26 September).

Gary Bennett


Successful connections (
, 27 Sep)? We try to find the “four As” – passion, affinity, destination and admiration.

Richard Daugherty


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