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What is the normal anatomy involved with male fertility factor?

The sperms have to travel a long route before emission. Male infertility treatment Delhi.  The Vas Deferens, which carries the semen containing the sperms after production in the testes, traverses from the bottom of the scrotum to the top. The Vas Deferens then curves towards the penis from either side. In a common passage in the penis, semen is ejaculated from the tip.

How much a male is responsible for infertility of the couple?

Male Factor: It is found 40% of the infertility cases are due to male factor defects. Diagnosis and treatment of the problems related to male factor is one of the true success stories in the field of reproductive medicine and Male infertility treatment Delhi. Male fertility screening is done through semen analysis at our clinic.

What is Sperm Disorder?

Sperm disorders make up for one of the main causes of male infertility. Men who are facing infertility related problems are most of the time diagnosed with sperm disorders. The type of disorder can vary from their low count to their agility. Further, the problems related to morphology of the sperms are also been known to be one of the other main reasons for infertility in men.

How sperm disorder or overall problems related to male factor are treated?

Approach to treatment At Ridge IVF  get Male infertility treatment Delhi. we pay proper attention to the detailed diagnostic reports and never pre-assume the role of any single partner for the failure of the couple to be blessed with parenthood. Our approach to treatment is highly professional and in strict compliance to the ethical guidelines.

The clinical approach to the Male infertility treatment Delhi followed by us at Ridge IVF includes the following:

  • Assessment of the diagnostic reports of both the partners
  • For treatment of complications in the male partner, our experts further conduct tests to determine the actual problem with the sperms
  • For conditions related to shape of the sperm cells/ morphology of the sperm cells, techniques are used to concentrate sperms that are normal and further the same sperms are used for intrauterine insemination.
  • For cases where sperm cell count is low as per the set standards and the motility of the cells and their morphology is also in question; for such cases, IVF with ICSI techniques are used in tandem
  • However for cases where the low sperm count is due to temporary causes and could be easily treated, our experts at Ridge IVF focus on inducing treatment for male infertility along with advising some of the following lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Changes

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Keep away from smoking

Infertility Men Treatment Delhi

Avoid unhealthy eating habits

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Regular exercise

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Avoid consumption of alcohol

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Keep away from work stress