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We are committed to providing high quality, evidence based clinical service with a holistic approach to infertility treatment.

Quality Control in our IVF Laboratories

There are various factors that help in making an IVF facility into a world class one apart from the experience of the doctors and support staff.

  • Our Operating room and IVF laboratory are linked by a door and are only few feet away from the incubators. Thus, embryos are placed in minimal time in the patient’s womb.
  • We strictly control the air quality, temperature, pH, Osmolality and light which can affect the embryos and Oocytes. Quality of air is important for the success of IVF treatment. We improve the immediate environment air quality with reduced lights and no windows in the lab so that no harm can be done to the embryos.
  • Fragrance of any type is not allowed in the laboratory area and odorless paints are used throughout the facility.
  • HEPA (i.e. High Efficiency Particulate Air), charcoal filtrated air, positive pressure and general sterility safety measures have been taken and are continuously checked. HEPA filtration gets rid of 99.97 % of airborne particles at 3 mm. The air is filtered with charcoal to remove carbon based contaminants and HEPA to eliminate particulate material before it is let inside the laboratory space.
  • We follow all the international norms to reduce the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from building materials like paints, floorings, adhesives etc. and precautions have been taken to ensure VOC release is negligible. We have no sedative gases in the procedure room. Even perfume and cologne may have VOCs, thus the staff and patients are instructed not to wear them. These compounds can enter the incubators and have an effect on the embryos. Even the paints used in the IVF lab are epoxy based compounds that release low VOCs.
  • The flooring is single sheet which wraps up the wall for 6 inches and also lowers the possibility of dust or germs in the crevices of flooring tiles and makes it very easy to clean the tiles.
  • It is best not to have windows or other openings in order to have the control of the surroundings to ensure the insulation of the lab.
  • We have specially controlled for temperature in our lab and procedure room as low temperatures can be harmful to oocytes and embryos. Cooling only 1° C may cause permanent meiotic spindle harm to the human oocyte that may not improve upon warming.