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Thank You Ridge IVF

Thanx Ridge IVF. A heartfelt thanx to ridge ivf team. Thnx to Dr Gouri and Dr Meeta. It’s because of them today I am proud father of male boy. I m bleassed only because of them. I encourage to those people to get treatment from ridge ivf. They giv their best in every manner.

Gagan Chugger

Thank You Ridge IVF

The doctors are highly recommended and staff is extremely cooperative. They are very supportive and encouraging.

Surbhi Bedi

Thank You Ridge IVF

Very appreciable Doctors and other staff members…Everything is well coordinated and managing their services so well…

Pallavi Setia

Thank You Ridge IVF

It is one the most beautiful moment to be a parent, and we as a couple have been trying for a long time. With the grace of God we met Dr.Gauri Mam and Dr.Meeta Mam at the Ridge IVF centre, who helped my wife to conceive. We are very happy with all the staff, from a dedicated guard standing at the gate to the very helpful doctors and all other people working in the centre. Having a great experience.

Ishvinder Pal Singh

Thank You Ridge IVF

Very helpful and cooperative staff. Hygiene level is commendable. All Procedures are carried out under WHO guidelines and Dr Meeta ensures the best possible treatment.

Vaibhav Puniani

Thank You Ridge IVF

This hospital is highly recommended for any infertility issues.


Thank You Ridge IVF

I am very satisfied with the treatment. I have been to other two doctors earlier but was not satisfied hence visited gouri hospital. The treatment is successful in the first attempt. Thanks to the whole team spc Dr Meeta, Dr Anu, Dr Sandhya, Dr Reena and Dr Gouri.

Nupur Jain

Thank You Ridge IVF

After 5 years of marriage ..today I proudly become a father of a baby girl ..thanks Dr Gauri Dr. Meeta for the hard work because of them I got this happiness today and thanks to other co-op staff ..This hospital is the best center..and I recommend others for this place.

Nitin Jain

Thank You Ridge IVF

Extremely helpful staff. Under the leadership of Gouri Mam and Meeta Mam, the IVF process was smooth and sucessfull. God bless the staff.

Kartik Kohli

Thank You Ridge IVF

Until now, my experience for IVF has been going great. Dr. Meeta is a very nice and cooperative doctor and guides you excellently all through the process. The coordinators are very helpful and are a great connect between the patient and the doctor. When you are here, it feels like home as they make you feel so, and are following all COVID protocols well. I would like to recommend it to whoever wishes to take this up

Bhanvi Bhawnani

Thank You Ridge IVF

I visited Dr.Gouri on the recommendation of my dear friend.Due to face paced work life,women like me are facing infertility issues.Thank you so much to Dr & her experienced team who made my dream of having a child come true.I can’t thank enough Ridge IVF centre for taking so well care of me in my journey.They have excellent panel of doctors & in house facilities to take care of all your needs. I must recommend Dr.Gouri Devi at Ridge IVF hospital incase you are facing any challenges in conceiving.

Garvit Jain

Thank You Ridge IVF

Thank Dr Gouri Dr Meeta and whole staff of ridge ivf oday I proudly became a mother of baby girl four years after my marriage. It’s my opinion to go to ridge ivf if u r not able to concieve. They’ve the best doctors. Thank ridge Ivf.

Gunjan Sharma

Thank You Ridge IVF

I would like to suggest everyone because they are following good practices in their treatment including as prescribed by WHO.

Even the staff is very good and cooperative, doctors and Nurses are well trained, I would like to thank all the staff specially to Dr. Meeta and Dr. Gauri for following good practice and cooperation in the treatment of Patients they are granting.

In nut shell world best services!!!

Chhavi Bhola

Thank You Ridge IVF

The doctors are very good and cooperative along with the staff. The doctors follow transparency regarding the treatment which is very good.

Shipra Goyal

Thank You Ridge IVF

Doctors are very cooperative. Staff is so good. Hospital is very neaneat and clean. I would like to suggest everyone to take service from here.

Gaming With Kedan

Thank You Ridge IVF

Very much satisfied with the services given to us… Hoping for the best result.. Thanks GOURI HOSPITAL

Deepak Kapoor

Best Ridge IVF Treatment

I am thanku to ridge ivf center and their staff. Dr. Gauri mam and dr. meeta mam is outstandiing drs. The sraff of this center are vary cooperative and kind. Today i m a mother because of gauri mam and meeta mam.

Priyanka Garg

Thank You Ridge IVF

Good care of patients very helpful staff.Felt like home.v good doctor and ivf staff. Today our result came positive and we are v v happy.

Saurabh Kumar

Thank You Ridge IVF

Ridge IVF centre Gouri Hospitalimited is a good centre ,All sta.ff members are very good, dedicated and cooperative . this is not only hospital for patient but l feel like home,. very good good good

KhursheedAhmad Bhat

Thank You Ridge IVF

I am vv happy that i came here for treatment. The staff and nurses are v cooperative. I am extremely thankful to Dr Meeta and Dr Gouri they are really vv understanding and cooperative. I recommend ridge ivf to everyone who needs treatment. Thanx a lot

Shabu Shabu

Thank You Ridge IVF

Very cooperative doctors and staff. Dr. Meeta is very empathetic and cooperative doctor. And I love that everyone call Dr. Gauri as ” Amma”. It seems that the hospital is like a family.


Thank You Ridge IVF

The staff and doctors are v supportive throughout my treatment.Thanx to Dr Meeta and Dr Gouri for being v caring and humble. Ridge ivf is the best ivf in Delhi.

Amit Bansal

Thank You Ridge IVF

Very cooperative staff and very caring…I suggest ridge IVF everyone who needs a healthy baby.Doctor Meeta is vv nice and cooperativevdoctor.

Salman Haider

Thank You Ridge IVF

We have been married for 10 years & were unable to conceive a child. We had been to many centers in North India but met with no success. We attended an infertility camp organized by Ridge IVF center on 3rd April 2005 where we were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. We were advised to undergo IVF treatment. We started our treatment at Ridge IVF center in 2007. We conceived in the 1st cycle of our IVF treatment in January 2008 and were blessed with twins. What impressed us most was the professional way Dr. Gouri & Dr. Meeta Sharma managed our treatment and their thorough understanding of our problems – both medical and personal. We were explained every step of the treatment in great detail which made us very comfortable with the process. We are very grateful to them.

Mr & Mrs. Verma

Miracle Happened at Ridge

I suffered from tuberculosis of tubes & both my tubes were blocked. I have been married for 13 years and I could not conceive normally. I started my IVF treatment at Ridge IVF center in September 2006. You will be surprised to read how much these doctors worked on me.

1st cycle – November 2006: No pregnancy
2nd cycle – May 2007: I had hyper-stimulation of ovaries, but I conceived. My pregnancy progressed up to 5 months & I aborted.
3rd cycle – December 2007: no pregnancy.
4th cycle – February 2008: I conceived & had a baby boy in October 2008. Immense patience with which these doctors dealt with me is commendable.

Mr. & Mrs. Singh

Thank You Ridge

We have been married for 6 years. My wife had PCOD hence was unable to conceive. She underwent D&C. To our dismay, my wife was diagnosed as having cancer of uterus. We were advised removal of uterus. However we underwent cancer treatment and the cancer was cured. After 6 failed IUI cycles, we approached Ridge IVF center in March 2010 to evaluate our options. With IVF-ICSI performed at Ridge IVF in April 2010, my wife is pregnant now.

Mrs & Mr. Goel

Proud Mother of Twin Girls

I was a very dejected woman as I was married for 8 years and had undergone all sorts of treatments – Innumerable no. of IUIs, Repeated cycles of ovarian stimulation and two cycles of IVF. With no hope I went to Ridge IVF center in October 2007 after hearing about them from a friend. What impressed me was the patient hearing the doctors gave me and the comfort level I developed with the doctors. I underwent 1 cycle of IVF treatment at Ridge IVF center in January 2008 which resulted in triplets. I underwent Embryo reduction in March 2008 and now I am a proud mother of twin girls.

Mr. & Mrs. Sahni

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