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Thank You Ridge IVF

We have been married for 10 years & were unable to conceive a child. We had been to many centers in North India but met with no success. We attended an infertility camp organized by Ridge IVF center on 3rd April 2005 where we were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. We were advised to undergo IVF treatment. We started our treatment at Ridge IVF center in 2007. We conceived in the 1st cycle of our IVF treatment in January 2008 and were blessed with twins. What impressed us most was the professional way Dr. Gouri & Dr. Meeta Sharma managed our treatment and their thorough understanding of our problems – both medical and personal. We were explained every step of the treatment in great detail which made us very comfortable with the process. We are very grateful to them.

Mr & Mrs. Verma

Miracle Happened at Ridge

I suffered from tuberculosis of tubes & both my tubes were blocked. I have been married for 13 years and I could not conceive normally. I started my IVF treatment at Ridge IVF center in September 2006. You will be surprised to read how much these doctors worked on me.

1st cycle – November 2006: No pregnancy
2nd cycle – May 2007: I had hyper-stimulation of ovaries, but I conceived. My pregnancy progressed up to 5 months & I aborted.
3rd cycle – December 2007: no pregnancy.
4th cycle – February 2008: I conceived & had a baby boy in October 2008. Immense patience with which these doctors dealt with me is commendable.

Mr. & Mrs. Singh

Thank You Ridge

We have been married for 6 years. My wife had PCOD hence was unable to conceive. She underwent D&C. To our dismay, my wife was diagnosed as having cancer of uterus. We were advised removal of uterus. However we underwent cancer treatment and the cancer was cured. After 6 failed IUI cycles, we approached Ridge IVF center in March 2010 to evaluate our options. With IVF-ICSI performed at Ridge IVF in April 2010, my wife is pregnant now.

Mrs & Mr. Goel

Proud Mother of Twin Girls

I was a very dejected woman as I was married for 8 years and had undergone all sorts of treatments – Innumerable no. of IUIs, Repeated cycles of ovarian stimulation and two cycles of IVF. With no hope I went to Ridge IVF center in October 2007 after hearing about them from a friend. What impressed me was the patient hearing the doctors gave me and the comfort level I developed with the doctors. I underwent 1 cycle of IVF treatment at Ridge IVF center in January 2008 which resulted in triplets. I underwent Embryo reduction in March 2008 and now I am a proud mother of twin girls.

Mr. & Mrs. Sahni

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